Thursday, October 27, 2011

Consumer Reports rates Chiropractic for high patient satisfaction.

Buying a new car ? TV ? Digital camera ? Where do we turn to ? The choice is clear, most people will research their next big purchase on the internet. There are many great review sites available such as Yelp, CNET and of course Consumer Reports.

Consumer reports conducted an online survey of more than 45,000 of their subscribers on Alternative Health Care usage. Here are some of the highlights:

Back Pain: 36% of survey respondents utilized chiropractic for back pain; 65% said it "helped a lot." Compare that with 38% of respondents who utilized prescription medications; 53% said it "helped a lot". 58% of respondents utilized over-the-counter medication with 28% stating "substantial relief".

Neck Pain: 41% of survey respondents utilized chiropractic for neck pain; 64% said it "helped a lot." Over-the-counter and prescription medications were the second and fourth most utilized treatment methods (56% and 33%), but only 39% (over-the-counter) and 25% (prescription), respectively, said the medication "helped a lot."

With statistics like these, should Chiropractic still be considered "alternative" treatments or is it time this becomes the first line of spine care  ?

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